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I will do my best to answer the most frequently asked questions here and if you wish to Contact Me you are most welcome!

How Do I Make a Purchase?
Create a login profile with privatespells.com which allows you to shop faster, track the status of your current orders and review your previous orders. To create a login profile, please click on the Login/Create Account link at the top of the page.

Does it matter what religion I am?
No, all of my spells and Genies are Individually Personalised for you regardless of Race or Religion. You can still be a devout Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.. and are still guaranteed that the most powerful and positive forces will work in your favour and alongside your own beliefs.

How long for a spell to kick in?
It is hard to say exactly when the effects of the spell will kick in, spells work in unique and mysterious ways. Some people experience results immediately even the next day.. and others it can take a few weeks. All you need to be aware of, is that when I email you with the details of your spell, you will know that day it has been cast and you will have nothing else to do, (unless I say), apart from sit back and benefit the wonders of Magic.

Will you tell me when my spell has been cast?
Yes of course, I will email you as soon as I can after your payment has been received, to let you know when your spell has been cast, and any other details that you need to know.

Will you harm anyone?
No, my spells will never hurt anyone. All of my spells have a built in protection spell bound to them. Even the Revenge spells have a built in protection spell, this is because of the law of threefold. It is belived that if any bad is wished or cast upon another person, then this will come back to you three times, mine are the only spells that will completely protect you against this happening. My revenge spells will never cause physical harm, they are only intended to make wrong doers feel the pain that they have caused others but with a more extreme intensity.

I think I've ordered the wrong spell, can I cancel?
You may cancel any spell at anytime, all you have to do is contact me with as much detail as you can and i will reverse the spell cast for you. However, I am not able to refund you for this but I will gladly perform the reversal spell for you free of charge.

How will I know what to expect from the spell?
Once you have sent in your order, you will receive an e-mail within 72 hours (although I always try to contact you on the same day whenever possible), and I will give you the information you need, including what to expect, what the spell will do and any additional info you need.

Can I order a spell if I am under 18?
No, Sorry

I don't see results yet, is it working?
I am the most sought after spell caster in the world with the highest success rate, so it is likely that you just need to be patient and give it a little more time, once the spell kicks in you will notice the changes dramatically. In some cases, some people like a reinforcement spell, please Contact me to request this. I guarantee that if you are not happy within 6 months of your spell being cast then please get in touch with me and I will perform this spell again for you totally free of charge. It is difficult to predict when the spell will start working, but just have a little faith and give it some time to manifest. You must remain positive at all times.

How do you know that you can help me?
My spells are extremely powerful, so I can help with most cases, however I do recommend sending me an e-mail before ordering, if you want confirmation that I can help with your issue, especially if you are ordering a Custom Spell, that isn't listed. If I cannot help you - I WILL tell you.

I have ordered another spell elsewhere, will this affect you
Absolutely not, my spells will not affect other spells that have been cast for you, if anything, my spells will reinforce and strengthen the power that you have found lacking or dissapointing in other spells. You may also use my spells to boost any previous spells that you have bought elsewhere


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