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Love spell

Friday 20 November, 2015

Pagan cast a love spell for me and literally one day later it worked.  It was cast on a man who I love and who is my soulmate who also sees me as his soulmate.  We have both been married to other people for decades, but both marriages had been broken for a long time.  What we have is so special and unlike any relationship either of us has ever had.  We spend all our time laughing together and shine light on each other’s lives and, for months we knew that we wanted to be together and had talked about this. Then suddenly he had backtracked, not because he didn’t want to be with me, but because he is a good man and does not want to hurt his wife.  We stopped speaking to each other as we had been and we were both miserable and my life had failed apart.  Then I found Pagan and realised it didn’t have to be that way.

So you can see that this spell was cast not to change someone’s will but to make it easier for him to make the choice he wanted to make.  I thought it would take weeks but the day after it was cast he came back to me, completely changed and I have my soulmate back again and he has his. We spent yesterday laughing again and the attraction between us feels even more powerful.  Thank you Pagan!

Testimonial by ‘Anonynous’ (or Happy Customer!)
Testimonial By: Anonymous


Friday 13 September, 2013

Pagan casted a breast enlargement spell for me about 10 days ago and tomorrow I have to go out shopping for new undies, seriously!
I noticed a difference after just two days and I can feel that it is still working. I am totally amazed and very happy. Thank you Pagan, you are a star
Testimonial By: gill bowden

Aura cleansing

Monday 12 November, 2012

Apologies for only just writing this now, but I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to you for performing the recent Black Magick Removal/Aura Cleanse spell. Had anyone cursed or sent negative vibes towards me? Did you find out who it was or what they did? If you can remember, I know it was a while ago and you have alot of clients. I felt a subtle cleansing effect in the days since you first performed it and it's got stronger and more tangible by the day. Mum, whose clairvoyant skills and intuition are largely awakened, sensed that my aura was becoming stronger, brighter and more opaque/solid within a day of you casting the spell. Hopefully I can keep it that way:)
Soon I will be replacing anti-depressants with natural supplements, but first I was facing a rough time switching from the anti-depressant I was on to another one, meaning tapering off of one and onto another. I feel your spell also helped a great deal to keep me balanced during what would have been an otherwise trying time.
Best Regards,
Testimonial By: Josh

fertility spell

Wednesday 27 October, 2010

Dear Pagan I wish to thank you very much for the success of a wish that you had
made for me a few years ago you may not remember it ,with all the people I am
sure you help. It was combined with a couple other wishes but this one was the
truest of my heart I believe as this is the one that came true. I had wished to
have my twin girls that I lost in pregnancy back ,when I was trying to concieve
again. I did recieve a twin pregnancy within the year of making the wish the
only difference was a boy and girl which was the best news I had heard seeing as
she would be my only girl of 5 children and was the hope I wanted, seeing as it
was my last child bearing attempt. I am having the time of my life with these
two little darlings and I know that your help made this possible.
I send my
sincerest gratitude to you and your dinjin for the help and support. I have
included a little photo and you may include my story to your web site for others
to have faith in what you do as I truly believe in you .
Testimonial By: alma aubin

Money Attraction Spell WoW

Friday 30 July, 2010

What can i say


Testimonial By: ghrmllah alzhrani

yes/no reading

Tuesday 04 August, 2009

i have had 3 or 4 readings and they are so accurate its scary. would definately recommend and will be back.
Testimonial By: jb

Tarot Card Reading

Tuesday 14 July, 2009

Wow! I don't know if this Thoth Tarot Deck is really unpopular or not, it Pagan sure knows how to use this deck. The reading is extremely accurate that it scared me a little. I recommend that everyone should give it a try.
Testimonial By: Kevin Chan


Thursday 22 May, 2008

Hi Pagan!


Just to let you know, I had a totally unexpected cheque this morning
for £600! You have worked a miracle, thanks so so much!! You are a star.
Testimonial By: A.C

Fast Yes/No Reading

Saturday 17 May, 2008

Very accurate, will use again. Highly recommended.
Testimonial By: Allison

Fast Yes/No Reading

Saturday 17 May, 2008

Brilliant! Spot on, highly recommend!!
Testimonial By: Tashia


Money Attraction Spell WoW

What can i say WOW!!!!!!!!! Pagan YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! GHRMALLAH SAUDI ARABIA

Aura cleansing

Apologies for only just writing this now, but I'd like to say a heartfelt...


Hello Pagan,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for  helping me give Jose a nice new home to live in. He's now in my gold necklace that he...

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