Are You Carrying Negative energies?

Are you feeling tired, stressed and sad?

Do you feel totally drained and have a lack of energy?


I take this very seriously indeed and OFFER a total and thorough AURA CLEANSING

I am the most sought after spell caster and this is my most requested spell

I promise that I can completely rid you of Negative Energies that are causing you tiredness and stress

This is a very complicated and specialised spell that must not be taken lightly

This spell will be performed by me personally for you

All I need after payment is your full Birth Name and your Approximate date of birth

I will attune myself to your energies and will not need any further information from you

I will then email you and let you know when the aura cleansing has been performed for you and of the effects that you will now benefit from this very healing spell

This is a pure white magic spell cast for you

I am the only one who can GUARANTEE same day RESULTS to cleanse your Aura Completely

This is a private sale and your user name and purchase details will remain annonymous to others
Aura cleansing

Also known as Spiritual Cleansing is a short form of Integrative Healing. Why cleanse your aura? Because you want to attract positive people and situations into your life, rather than negative ones. You are born with a "clean" aura, but over time, it becomes "dirty", this is due to various negative factors in your environment (emotional, mental and physical). When this happens, you attract negative energy, instead of positive energy.

Our Aura is the energy field which surrounds our body. To the majority of people it is invisible to the naked eye.

I often compare the Aura to a huge swirling net which surrounds us, it absorbs and transmits all of what we see and feel and are exposed to on a day to day basis. Experiences which make us feel good are a fine energy, holding a higher vibration, they slip easily through the small holes of our aura net, moving through our energy field. The negative experiences on the other hand are much larger and of a slower vibration, so they get caught in our aura net, we can find it much harder to release these negative experiences, or to break them down, so that they can slip through our net. When we are exposed to negativity, rows, arguments, tragic circumstances such as the loss of a loved one etc., it's hard enough to deal with them in the physical, let alone sorting out releasing the emotions. This means they can build up and up and we can become bogged down, day to day life becomes difficult, we can even become ill or depressed, not always being able to actually pin point why, it has generally just been one thing after another.

Releasing those negative experiences can have an amazing effect on us. There are a number of tools which are available to use to clear this negative density, all are dependent upon the individual circumstances and the client. Some prefer a Reiki and Crystal session, which has the most wonderful relaxing energies to help lift and shift those negative energies and the added bonus is that it allows the client to indulge themselves in a truly wonderful therapy. If generally life has been fine for you, but you are still experiencing strange uncomfortable emotions or physical symptoms, which are not in character for yourself, then the other possible reason which should be considered, is that you may have picked up an energy or aura attachment. Further details are in the Main Section below, but also have a look at a Client's comments following a remote Aura Cleasing session.

I should also mention that Aura Cleansing can be done remotely and it is not necessary for the person for whom the cleansing is requested to be consciously aware. The reason for this is that work is done at a Higher Consciousness Level and permission would be given at a Soul level. Therefore, this helps those of you who would really want to help someone you love, but you know that they would not actively engage in the treatment, a remote clearance can have profound effects and could be just what they need.
Aura Attachments

A vast amount of humans carry some sort of attachment within their energy field without realising it, these can have picked them up at any point in their lifetime from when they are born.

There are two main types, the first type is a Discarnate, which is a Soul that has left it's human body, but for whatever reason, decided not to move on to the next dimension. The other main type is a Separate, A Separate is a being that comes across to the Earth plane through it's own choice to help and gets stuck here and ends up causing more harm than good to the person it is attached to.

Whatever type of attachment it is, it has sought out a person who has similar personality or traits to their own before they passed on. This is often because they want to continue experiencing that way of life so they attach into the aura. They merge with the subconscious mind of the living person, often they have no influence over the person and just live within their energy field, the problems come when they start exerting some degree of control on the behavior, the mental functioning, and emotions, as well as producing sensations and symptoms in the physical body, such as illness, depression, apathy etc. If you start to experience circumstances such as this and you cannot identify with a viable cause, then it is probably that you have picked up an aura attachment.

Aura Cleansing can also remove discarnates and negative blocking beings from your aura. Many clients have expressed surprise that they can actually feel this happening during a treatment session. Clients have reported feeling much physcially much lighter, one gentleman even saying that he felt he weighed about 8 stone afterwards (and he wasn't). Again, this can be done remotely and it is not necessary for the person for whom the cleansing is requested to be aware on a conscious level. The reason for this is that we work with a Higher Consciousness and permission would be given at a Soul level.

Problems that can be cleared are endless, including:

* Depression
* Alcoholism
* Anger
* Health Abuse
* Illnesses
* Headaches
* Tiredness
* and so much more!

dont forget that you can have someones aura cleansed without them even knowing and rid them off all negative energies today

 I WILL EMAIL YOU WHEN THIS SPELL HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY CAST .. so please send your details as soon as you can.......You may do so upon checkout on the Special Instructions or Order Comments box which is at the bottom of your Payment Information page OR in your paypal comments box is fine, along with your payment.

Love and Light


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Thank you and blessed be!

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Thank you and your Djinn my wish came in effect
yesterday evening, so happy.

Aura cleansing

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