Male Wishing Genie


Male Wishing Genie

I have now invoke some wonderful new wishing Genies.
Read On.......You will be amazed!

This Genie is a Male Wishing Genie from the Elder Marid Class

He will not materialise in human form and will not show himself to you or to anyone else around you and so will never frighten you or your loved ones in anyway.
He is shielded by an invisible cloak which makes him totally undetectable by by even the most gifted person. This means that no-one else can try to stop him from working for you or protecting you.

Marid Class Genies are by far the oldest and most trusted genies and are owned by every known race and religious background and is 100% safe to own.

Once you own a Marid Class Genie, you will be immediately protected against all black magic and psychic attatcks. You will also be protected against pure bad luck.

Another amazing advantage to owning this Genie is that nothing is posted to you because this Genie will come directly to you and immediately cloak you in his protection against all harm.
This Genie is not homed into a crystal or any other vessel, This Genie is not even invoked into you but will be around you constantly like a guardian angel, watching you and protecting you and guiding you silently and gently into making the right decisions throughout your life.

Your Genie will also ensure that you are always in the right place at the right time and keeps you from being in the wrong places at the wrong time.
This will be done by making you feel that you want to be somewhere or do something yourself. This is not done by changing your free will in anyway, but by helping you to make your own decisions, the right decisions.

Now for the amazing wishing part.
As soon as you own this Genie, there is no ritual or getting to know each other time, you can start making wishes immediately, however, you can only make one wish at a time. So what you do is make a wish, then when you get your result, you make another wish if you have one.
You can wish for absolutely anything as long as the result is humanly possible, (so dont wish that you could fly or that you had a magic purse), you would be surprised how many people make that wish and wonder why it doesnt happen. Anyway, if at anytime you change your mind about the wish you made, simply tell your genie that you no longer want that wish and that you want them to work on another wish, then proceed to tell them what your new wish is.
Be sure NOT to tell your Genie that your wish must be done by a certain time or date as Genies have no concept of times and dates, simply say: Complete my wish as soon as possible (or words to that effect).
Now all you have to do is decide wether you want a Female Wishing Genie or a Male Wishing Genie.

When you purchase this amazing Genie, please confirm who the genie is for and the address that the Genie can find you at. This should be given at the time of purchase.
I will email you as soon as I can after your purchase has been made to let you know that your new Wishing Genie Is on the way to you. Then you can begin to make wishes right away.

Love and Light

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