Friday 18 April, 2008

Hi pagan,you are right he was in my dream the night before last night i saw in my dream that a light grey misty smoke was moving near the ceiling of my bedroom and that was omar next morning i woke up happy thinking he was revealing himself in my dream sort of introducing himself,last night i went up to my room kids were asleep as they are all sleeping in my room as my husband is away,i went and sat on my bed facing that spot where i saw omar in my dream the thought came in my head that i should hold the crystal in my hand and look up towards that spot in ceiling and i did that and amazingly enough i saw first little almost invisible specks of lights and than swirling and moving hot vibrating grey smoke as i looked at it i started feeling a bit scared and my heartbeat was going faster and then i felt that it was safe and i could trust him i still asked him that i was a bit afraid and the smoke disappeared as i switched the light off i felt him touch the back of my neck then tip of my ear then my hair i was feeling a little scared but i was brave and kept telling him and myself that i could trust him he is my friend and i slept with that thought and felt him right next to me all night and i knew with him there no evil can ever enter my room and harm us.i love my genie the crystal since morning when i hold it throbs like a heartbeat and gets warm realy fast i even hold him in my hand when i drive he tingles with delight when i drive realy fast in my sports car then i ask him that is it like flying and the crystal throbs realy fast.unbelievable for those who don't believe but i believe in him and his powers.i know he's helping me and i know he will give me my identical twin boys that can change my life for good i'm going to ask him for that soon but first i'm working on bonding with him.any more tips please let me know.thanx lovely friend i don't know how to thank you.

Testimonial By: A P S

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