Angel wishes

Friday 29 January, 2010

I ordered a angel wish from Pagan's shop on the 28th of Jan 2010 and in the early parts of the morning 29th Jan at exactly 4:50am I felt a tapping/knocking under my feet only. It came from under my bed, whatever this was did not touch me directly but let me know it was there. It was vibrations from under the bed like a continous knocking but without making a noise I could feel it and it was aimed only at my feet. It lasted for about a minute and a half or maybe longer because more than anything I was supprised and slightly nervous. It stopped for a little while just say a minute and then started again for another minute and then stopped,I said my prayers and it stopped and then I continued sleeping. My wish has yet to come true ,but, all I can say is to all you unbelivers believe, I know my angel is working very hard and it let me know that it is very much present and by my side. And I want to take this opportunity to thank Pagan for helping me and everyone else for all her hardwork. All I can say is these simple words thank-you Pagan.
Testimonial By: DIANA

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