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Date Added: 01/31/2016 by Susan Jones
Pagan cast a Custom Spell for me that worked absolutely perfectly and immediately took effect the sa...

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Date Added: 11/22/2015 by Alicia Lake
Thank you pagan!! Every time I see my dog carrier I am reminded of when you did the good luck spell ...

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Date Added: 11/10/2010 by namely xo
pagan is absolutely amazing..i know that ive said it before, but i will absolutely, absolutely say i...

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Date Added: 10/22/2008 by wendy norman
This spell worked a treat!!.. I was amazed by the difference in a certain persons attitude within da...

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Date Added: 06/13/2008 by Lorna Lydia Hodgson
Bought a custum spell in the way of protection for my little boy, I have seen such a difference he i...

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Date Added: 04/18/2008 by LENA DOHERTY
This lady truly is amazing the spell is starting to work i can see the results right before my eyes....

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Excellent service and powers!

I had been looking at a lot of spell casting web sites, but recently I was drawn to Pagan’s because it is so comprehensive, and everything in it is...

Update from my 2 post in 2012 and 13

It's been two years since I posted. Which were may of 2012 and September of 2013. I did a spell to get me and my ex back together. He first moved...

You are amazing !!

Hi Pagan Thank you so much for everything i really o you 1 you are the best ***** xxxx

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