Ilmu Khodam



What is Khodam (occult guide)? It comes from the Arabic language. Javanese call khodam "perewangan", that is a supernatural entity that serves human being. Although khodam will always follow you, it will not comment anything about your attitude. Khodam cannot communicate with you, unless you have reached a high level of Ilmu Khodam. So, although you can have hundreds of khodam following you, you are still free, you can still do whatever you want to do. You don't have to be afraid of khodam because it will only ever help you without asking anything in return or disturb you.


Khodam Ilmu / Qorin, Khodam Ilmu is a khodam to protect, conduct, state and strengthen a certain isoteric knowledge to maximize its functions, such as invulnerability mantra, etc.  Khodam is very strong because it originates from faith to your own God. Its energy is as the same level as angels and they very much scare  evil spirits. You can feel the existence of khodam after the binding process. It will protect you for 24 hours a day. There is no prohibition.  It will not interfere with death because it originates from energy, it does not ask for any offerings. So, you don't have to be worried with any bad effects resulting from this khodam because they exist merely from prayers.

ILMU KHODAM BENEFITS, Starting from the first day of ownership, you will have the following capabilities:

  1. Invulnerability against sharp weapons - jab (you can directly test it), pin and slice (when attacked).
  2. Invulnerability for the whole body - skin, muscles, nadis (vulnerability generally puts attention only at the skin level. When jabbed, the skin is not hurt, but you still hurt inside, for example broken bone, muscle bruise, torn abdomen). You are also vulnerable to hit and kick.
  3. Invulnerability against poison , such as snake poison, centipede, scorpion.
  4. Invulnerability against black magic attack. What I mean by black magic attack is misconduct supernatural action, for example hypnotist, or any other black magic .
  5. Ability to cure people attacked by black magic, Besides freeing your body from any black magic attack, you can also cure any disease caused by black magic or possession.
  6. Ability to wake up unconscious people, because of hits, epilepsy, fall, or other causes.
  7. Ability to transfer protective energy to a thing, you can fill a thing with protective energy. With God's power, whoever wears/uses the thing will be safe from any bad happenings, theft, robbery, sexual assault. This protective energy will last only for 40 days.
  8. Ability to defeat your enemy , making your enemy's body weak
  9. Ability to neutralize supernatural poison
  10. Ability to conduct metaphysical healings
  11. Ability to overpower mass commotion
  12. Ability to protect the house, shop, factory, etc.

You may own as many Khodam as you like for extreme protection and help in all things. To become a master, you must own many. For the benefits of owning a Khodam, you only need to own one. The more you own, the greater the benefits as you will have all of the above strengths in multiples.

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