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Welcome to pagans wishing well


This is a magical place surrounded with such an energy that the closer you get to it the most amazing things happen, every prism in the colour world can be seen swirling around it even the ones that dont yet exist on this earth.

There is warmth there that you only feel from the sunshine and the night time brings all kinds of rays directly from the moon with twinkling lights hovering above that move too fast for the human eye to see. Some say it is best not to question what the energy is as this would spoil the enchantment. The well is surrounded by wildlife and woods and nobody knows who built it or if it appeared from another world.

But what we do know is that who ever makes a wish in this enchanted well, is immedietly surrounded by an overwhelming feeling of warmth and comfort and peace of mind that there wish will soon come true.

Some use it for making wishes and some use it just to tell their secrets too, because everything told to the wishing well is heard by an invisible world and it creates such an explosion of energy that is sent out to the universe which can draw a great light to you and build a spiritual force so powerful that your wishes will come true, your secrets are heard, your good deeds are rewarded and anything wrong you have done to others is forgiven.

Your wishes or thoughts go straight to the well and are never given to any human to see.

Pagans Wishing Well is 100% confidential.......you can tell the wishing well anything you like and you can wish for whatever your heart desires.

You can put as much or as little as you like into the wishing well for each wish or secret, it is your choice. You can even make a wish for others.

You may choose the amount you wish to put into the wishing well from the amount choices on the dropdown menu and click add to cart.

If you have any question please click the 'Ask Us About This Item' button below.

Please DON'T FORGET to leave you wishes and details upon checkout on the Special Instructions or Order Comments box which is at the bottom of your Payment Information page. Thank you and blessed be!



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