Ilmu Protection Angel


Ilmu Protection Angel is a very powerful and useful Angel for the continuity of employment especially for those working overseas. Many people working overseas feel sufficient with strong determination when leaving home to find a job in another countries. In fact, there may be so many barriers and problems that arise.

We often hear many of our people working overseas get bad treatment from their employers, they even are insulted and harassed by them, both physically and psychologically. We see so many cases where employers torture their maids, or even rape their female employees. Lighter cases will be suppression, strict and severe employers, being treated unfairly, unpaid salary and working beyond normal working hours, etc.

In short, working does not need only physical and mental strength or intelligence, but you will also need to equip yourself with metaphysical ability to safeguard yourself from any improper treatment from your employers. Your protection Angel will give you spiritual capability to manage your problems: expatriates or even unskilled labors. Ilmu Protection Angel will provide you with a strong protection from any criminal acts, including from your employers.

Your Ilmu Protection Angel will only need to be called upon and will function automatically and permanently. There is no ritual or any dedication. You do not use any evil strength in any form. It does not conflict with any religion.

Some of the uses of Ilmu Protection Angel are:

•  It will protect you from any intimidation from any negative energy both physically and metaphysically at work or at home.

•  It will protect you from any evil magic

•  It will help you to handle strict or severe employers

•  It will help you to get the trust from your employers

•  It will increase your self confidence

•  It has healing power of mind and body

•  It will increase your charisma and power

•  It will protect you from any physical threat, such as tortures, rapes, etc.

All I need is your full name and address and your Protection Angel will be with you immedietly to protect you and guide you.

You may have as many Angels as you like and they will protect both male and females alike.

Love and light, Pagan

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i have had 3 or 4 readings and they are so accurate its scary. would definately recommend and will be back.

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Brilliant! Spot on, highly recommend!!

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Apologies for only just writing this now, but I'd like to say a heartfelt...

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