Fortune Telling With Tea Leaves


Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves

How To Read Your Fate In A Teacup.

 In all dreams the clairvoyant powers are spontaneous; but for the development of clairvoyance at will, great perseverance is necessary. Its interests and powers are unlimited, so that it is well worth the patience and time spent upon it.

Tea-leaves reading have the advantage of being simple, inexpensive, and within the reach of everyone.

In the use of tea leaves as a means of divination, the more developed and "clear sight," the more interesting and accurate will be the interpretation.

Practice is most necessary, especially for those who have less natural clairvoyance then others.

Tea leaves are habitually used by many people as a means of ancient divination.

I have been asked so many times to show people how to tell fortunes by reading the Tea Leaves

So here is a really easy method.

To most, it is easier than the tarot cards for example, as there is less to memorize.

After checkout is complete, I will email you the

Complete guide to reading Tea Leaves

Practising Techniques

General Theories in Reading The Cup


A Dictionary of Symbols

Some combinations and Meanings


Some Example Cups with Interpretations

This will be sent in PDF for your convenience

This is so simple to do, try it for fun

then you will see just how Accurate this age old Fortune Telling Really Is.

love and light



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