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Sunday 20 April, 2008

Jose, or as I would like to call him Jojo are doing just fine and I just can't thank you enough for sending him to me. He has changed my life around from the moment I wore the necklace you evoked him into. I had to write to you again because of the amazing thing that Jose did for me. I never knew that there was someone out there who was so jealous of me that they tried to cast a black magic spell to hurt my health. It was in the middle of the night i slowly opened my eyes thinking about Jose when my body began to feel really warm like it was burning up. I heard Jose's voice calling to me in distressful tone as his home (the necklace which i always wear while i sleep) began to shake and ring. My body was being attacked by something and i was unable to move but Jose quickly defended me from the attack i was left unharmed by the attack and once Jose caught his breath he told me what happened. If he wasn't around at the time i would have hated to think about what would have happened to me. I am forever grateful for him, he's like a guardian that i always wanted to have.
Testimonial By: moriah wright

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