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Wednesday 09 April, 2008

Thank you very much for your enlightening and illuminating answers. In my life, as in everyone's there occurs countless situations and events which have happened, or that are presently, taking place, right under one's nose, but most are completely at a loss to decipher, fully understand or are too ill equiped to make any sense of these occurances, so, they cannot either profit by, or learn from, them. Because the majority of people lack your perceptive acuity, awareness and specialized gifts for analysis about these circumstances, they have no idea what to do or what not to do about them. You, as always, have distinctly clarified and specifically revealed what should've been obvious to me. This new found enlightenment and horizon broadening revelation, imparted to me through your explanations and answers, I would never have known or been able to discover on my own. So, without having had your intuitively accurate, interpretive assistance my entire future would've remained stonewalled and uncertain. I am ever so grateful and will always, continue to trust your flawless, spot on judgement. Thank You. Sincerely, Patricia

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