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Tuesday 14 September, 2010

I would like to thank Pagan for the accuracy of her readings! (All exam papers were sat at Higher Tier Levels). I sat exams in May/June 2010 for History, Geography and Biology, but wasn’t too optimistic about doing well. For the ‘yes/no reading’, I asked Pagan if I will get a grade C or above for my subjects. I wasn’t concerned about History, as I felt confident that I did well in the exam. Pagan told me that in her vision she saw the following grades: Geography: grade C and Biology: grade C - which could possibly be a grade D, but if I got that grade, I wasn’t far off from a C. I then asked Pagan if I will get a grade C or above for my Geography coursework, now my private tutor estimated that the AQA Board will most likely give me a grade C. Pagan told me that I got a much higher grade than I expected…..Pagan was accurate. I got a grade A for the coursework. The Geography exam papers were hard. When I sat the second paper, I didn’t understand much of the questions….during the examination, I thought about Pagan for a while and thought……this woman predicted a grade C, but there is absolutely ‘NO WAY’ I’m getting a grade C on this paper, its too hard! – I checked my scores yesterday and ‘ASTONISHINGLY’ found that I passed this paper and the other one with a grade C. I JUST COULDN’T BELIEVE IT…..I thought the whole thing was bizarre….just crazy….lets just say it wasn’t what I expected!!!! Last year, I sat four exam papers for GCSE Biology. I passed two papers with a C, but failed the other two, giving me an overall grade ‘D’. I re-sat two papers in May 2010. On the day I sat one of them, I rushed home and asked Pagan how well I did, as I was slightly ambivalent that I did well - Pagan saw 63% in her vision (that’s a grade C), but to allow some leniency, as the figures were blurred in her vision. When I checked my scores yesterday, I found that I got 64% on that paper. (She was almost accurate…just missed it by one percentage). I was very sceptical about achieving excellent grades, so I kept asking Pagan again and again in her ‘yes/no readings’…and she continued to give the same feedback. Pagan was accurate!!! My results came out on 24th August and were posted to me by the examination centre. They arrived on 25th, but I didn’t have the guts to open the envelope until 26th. Here are the following grades: Geography: Grade C,
History: Grade B - for the coursework, I got a grade A, Biology: Grade C – judging by the scores for Biology, I just made it to a grade C. If I had lost two marks, I would have gotton a D, which is why Pagan saw a discrepancy in her vision. She saw that I got a grade C or very close to a C. Why on earth did I doubt this woman? The reason why is because I’m a very dubious person…. I’m always putting myself down, I don’t believe in myself……the next time she gives me a reading, I won’t ask a second time! Lots of love Pagan……you are truly the best!!! XXXXX
Testimonial By: Da Bla

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