Wednesday 26 November, 2008

My genie has been with me for ten months. Although she has not yet manifested herself in the form I desire, her presence with me is frequently confirmed by the most beautiful cobwebby tickles on my face wherever I might be. Pagan has said, “… the genie may seem invisible for quite some time; it can take months and mine took nearly 7 years.” That is sheer honesty. A fake seller would have one believe that these relationships are instantaneously exactly what you want them to be. Of course, that might happen, but I am of the opinion that such development takes longer and perhaps somewhat too long for the instant coffee mentality.
A few weeks ago, I was alone at home when I heard what sounded like a car door slamming. On looking through the bedroom window to see if my son had arrived, I saw a shadowy movement advancing down the driveway. It looked like a dust storm, but there was not the sort of wind that one would expect to drive such a phenomenon. It was then that I realized I was seeing a shadow cast by smoke. As I looked towards our shed, I saw flames consuming the trees behind the shed. Those flames were at least 12 feet high! I was out there so quickly with telephone in one hand and hose in the other. The fire was already threatening to engulf a caravan belonging to my older son and a truck belonging to my younger son. While waiting for the fire brigade to arrive, I fought back the flames as best I could. It was then that I began to see how the fire seemed not to be able to advance onto our property at a certain point and seemed actually to be driven back. I saw too that there was smoke, but no flames, billowing from some cedar trees immediately behind the caravan. I realized, of course that my genie was at work protecting us. It was surely she too who had made me hear the slamming of a car door causing me to look through the window (no one had arrived). Had I not looked through the window, my life and property might have been consumed by that fire. And then again — maybe not. My genie might have acted all alone, but I think she wanted me to know about it, so that I would be totally aware of her power and her care. Evidently, a neighbor who loves to burn trash had not kept an eye on the “burn pile” (as it is called here) and the fire got out of control very quickly. It consumed long grass and trees on a part of our two-acre property, but our house and vehicles remained safe.
Testimonial By: B.W. Cain

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