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Monday 07 July, 2008

Well where do I start? this spell has been like a sprinkle of fairy dust! within the first week of spell being cast I found 5 four leaf clover's gave four to friend's and kept one for myself my friend's now seem to have good luck bestowed on them! I was involved in a serious car crash both cars were written off incredibly no one was hurt! how do you explain that one! I own a racing greyhound and she has won 3 out of her last 5 races, and gone up 2 grades, have won on lottery 3 weeks in a row! this is only the start as spell was only cast 4 weeks ago - do not hesitate to buy from Pagan she is for real Thanks so much Pagan for everything x
Testimonial By: Lorna

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once again am back!!! lol thankyou! im getting addicted to your spot on predictions! xxxxxxxx

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