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So, um, like, is this where I am suppose to put my review? OK, well here goes. I have been in debt for over 4 years and about 3 years ago or thereabouts, I purchased a debt clearance spell to enhance my chances of clearing my debt. Do not get me wrong, I had to do my part here, making as many payments and as much as I could. was NOT easy. In 2009, I was close to $20,000 in debt..and had about 4 credit cards....I also had a personal loan. I even found ways of reducing my finance charges and even thought of a credit card company that offered a promotional 0% interest rate for 12 or 15 months. Just yesterday 10 November 2012, I was at $500.00 in debt......I just clear this debt once and for all. So, I did as I stated. What is more special about this life changing event for me is this...I made my payment on the above mentioned date, 10 November 2012, which is exactly 4 years after Pagan and I started working together...and not realized this until sometime after I made my final payment of $500.00 to wipe out my entire This is one thing I can now cross off my list. You have no idea how free and happy I feel. Just a few hours after I made my payment, I went to the market and made a purchase on 3 items, but was only charged for one. Could this day get any better? could this weekend get any better? Pagan??? You got it goin on. You sure do. I have many goals that I desire to attain....and I shall attain them...Love and Light. Phil
Date Added: 11/11/2012 by Phillip Bruno
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Hi Pagan, Just wanted to say thank you.. these spell really work.. they have made my life enjoyable and I owe it all to you.. ;-) change you eye...

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My breasts have gone up by 2 inches! Wow! I ordered more of these spells. Can't wait to reach my goal. Thank you Pagan and Genie!

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